Wednesday, April 8, 2009

production of the garden wk2

Here is the finished bench. I have to drop a texture to the side of the planks but I have to go take a picture for that.

The bridge for the garden. I still need to add the supports underneath it.

Okay, here is the start of the maple tree. I'm wondering what's the easiest way to add the the other limbs while making it easier in the end to lay out the uvs before i take it into mudbox. I'm going to only add the main limbs (see reference pics below), the smaller ones with the leaves, I was planing on just making plains with textures that have alphas on them, since you won't see an up close of the tree.

*reference pics for the maple tree


Charlotte said...

Very nice color textures on the bench (but, add a Directional Light with a shadow to your HDR set-up--the render is too dark). The bridge looks like it has a good foundation. As for the UVs of the tree, there are two schools of thought on this one:
1. When you extrude the limb, save a copy and go to: Polygon> Average Vertices. This will make a cylindrical shaped object that is much easier to UV. Then, once you layout the UVs on the mutant shape, you can transfer the UVs back to the original (Polygon> Transfer)
2. You just use Automatic UVs and only do your maps in ZBrush (Color included)

drummerdude614 said...

looks like it is coming along pretty well. what program are you using to do this? maya? adding shaders would be cool too. if you go to you can download shaders, that you can apply to your objects to make them look realistic. there is another program on campus that is great for texturing, i cant remember the name of it, but when you export it and import it to maya it is basically the same as giving it a bump map. just a few thing you could look into to make it more realistic.