Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I tried to to sketch orthographic i just set up a quick scene in maya the cylinder behind the rectangle block in the back south west corner is supposed to be the maple tree. And the cylindar in the north west corner is supposed to be a latern statue by the water fall. And I tried a displacement map.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

For my color palette I basically choose a loose red, blue, green triad.
As far as the design or the lay out to go, you would walk through a round gate into a zen rock garden, and beyond that would be just one large Koi fish pond, that had a small bridge to cross to a small bench under a maple tree.
I read a couple articles about Japanese garden principles, and basically when they make there gardens they try to not only keep it simple, but also they're making a mini land scape. So the large rocks become the mountains, the pound is the ocean and the maple is a forest. They also try to close of the space so its isolated from the world to make it wabi which losely translated is isolated or one of a kind. Also isolating this space acts as a mini retreat, some place to cast off your world worries and to re-group to face them again. Which is why I wanted to put in a rock wall with a circle type gate, and a small bench in the back as a meditation place.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Explorer Week 2

So I found a few tutorials. The water ones were one how to make your own water using soft bodies and turbulance (, the other was on how to make a water shader in 3dmax ( so I just followed it the best I could with maya. The grass Tutorial I found, which is really sweet! ( and unfortunatly I haven't finished because basically he starts with paint effects but then he goes into the alot of fun options. So I've been playing with all of those. Other than that I've been playing around with a layout for my back yard/ garden scene.