Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Explorer Week 2

So I found a few tutorials. The water ones were one how to make your own water using soft bodies and turbulance (http://www.3d-palace.com/forum/written-tutorials/3036-tutorial-maya-how-create-animated-water.html), the other was on how to make a water shader in 3dmax (http://www.scribd.com/doc/501968/Water-Tutorial) so I just followed it the best I could with maya. The grass Tutorial I found, which is really sweet! (http://www.3dlessons.com/tutorials/Realistic-Grass-in-Maya-65776.html) and unfortunatly I haven't finished because basically he starts with paint effects but then he goes into the alot of fun options. So I've been playing with all of those. Other than that I've been playing around with a layout for my back yard/ garden scene.

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Charlotte said...

The drawing for the backyard is too "Designer." Besides, a hammock / fort / hot tub in a Japanese Garden? No--remove. The layout is too commercial. Don't worry about that right now (that's for the next benchmark).
I'm glad that you are exploring tutorials but these don't deliver good results. Visually, they are not that strong. A lot of this is due to the rendering (the grass is flat and lacking shadows). Look into Fluids--your water should look like a photograph, and MAYA fluids can do this.
Give yourself the challenge that you will re-create one effect (just water, just grass, just whatever) at the highest photo realism possible for the presentation next week.
... just keep swimming... just keep swimming...