Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So I tried to to sketch orthographic i just set up a quick scene in maya the cylinder behind the rectangle block in the back south west corner is supposed to be the maple tree. And the cylindar in the north west corner is supposed to be a latern statue by the water fall. And I tried a displacement map.


Charlotte said...

Great work! I really like that you are pre-visualizing the garden with primitives (this method works really well). I also like that you drew an image of how the East Entrance would look to a visitor. The only images I don’t like are the topological maps at the top of your post (try blurring the depth map to get rid of the jaggies). Not sure if this is really working... I think it would be better to use a depth map for just the ground (or, if you want to really have fun for next week: Try Mudbox or Z-Brush!)
Another direction you can move towards is the R and D on the trees: try Paint Effects that are converted into Quad Polygons.

Laura said...

I really like your concept. I love Japanese gardens. I feel like your colour pallet is well-chosen and keeps with the calm, zen feeling that a garden like that is supposed to have. I saw the work you were doing in Mudbox for your displacement maps, and I am really excited to see your sand garden. Those are amazing designs and textures. But the layout of the garden looks good. I can't wait to see what you do with the water effects and the lighting. Keep up the good work!